How not to kill mosquitos

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Liquids evaporated from a bottle which generates deadly and irritating fumes to scare the mosquitoes away from our room or home till the fumes are generated. These dangerous chemicals could affect our health too Anyway, we have no choice other than to live with it to protect our self. There are many forms such as mosquito Mats, Coils, Papers etc. All of them work more or less on the same principle like the liquid vaporizers.

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An Ultra Violet light generated from the electric trap attracts the mosquitos and kills them when the biting insect comes near the high powered electric rod. This kills every insect that comes near it. Its limitations is that the electric rod gets covered by the dead insects over a period and the same dead insects generate bad odour. Similar concept is used in the Mosquito Bats used at many homes to chase and kill mosquitoes. Can we chase a mosquito?

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Our grandparents solutions of mosquito nets which is using a net on the bed. The problem is, it restricts our movement. Even a single mosquito trapped inside the net can give us sleepless nights. Also since the nets are made of very thin fibre it doesn’t last long.

The Bogorchid Solution

Bogorchid is an intelligent machine that attracts, traps & kills mosquitoes naturally. The Bogochid extract in the machine uses multiple attracting factors to lure the mosquito then traps them in a suffocation chamber and kills them naturally. You can actually see and count the number of mosquitoes caught and killed.

BogOrchid -Mosquito killer machine

MGHLABS Est. since 2008 is a leading provider of mosquito killing machine named bogorchid. We take pride in the fact that we can kill mosquitoes better than any machine in world with our mosquito killing and repellent machine named BogOrchid. BogOrchid with its presence across India is the most ecofriendly and best mosquito killer machine.

BogOrchid ecofriendly approach enables us to guarantee complete, long-lasting elimination of mosquitoes for your home or work premise.As we know, Bogorchid an intelligent machine which smartly Attracts, Catches & Kills mosquitoes naturally, by freeing us from the menace of mosquitoes.

Bogochid in a machine which uses multiple attracting factors which a typical mosquito uses to identify its food. Once the mosquito comes for its best food near Bogorchid, the smart robot catches them and puts them into a suffocation chamber and kills them naturally. You can actually see and measure the number of mosquitoes caught and killed in your home on a daily basis, provided there are mosquitoes.

Bogorchid is the smart machine which has been designed and developed by a team of top notch professionals with their decades of industrial exposure keeping the innocent babies in mind and to protect them the most in a family along with their loving mothers from the deadly mosquitoes. Bogorchid is the first of its kind tangible solution to mosquitoes problems and to protect your family from the dead diseases to a maximum extent.

Cost: Much economical compared to the existing solutions in the market.